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Panoptikon'a Yeniden Bakış: Gözetim, Disiplin ve Modern Politik Düzen

This study dissects the intricate networks of power, surveillance, and control in contemporary societies, drawing its conceptual underpinnings from the pioneering works of Jeremy Bentham and Michel Foucault. The discourse articulates an evolving political order predicated on pervasive surveillance and discipline, an emergence of panopticism in modern societies, veiled under the guise of security and orderliness. The phenomenon of surveillance, far from being a mere tool of state authority, is unearthed as a formidable mechanism of power and social control. The perpetuation of panopticism, the study suggests, engenders a culture of self-discipline and conformity, subtly regulating societal behaviors. The modern political order, thus, is marked by a nuanced negotiation between power and freedom, the individual and the collective. An intriguing exploration into Bentham’s Panopticon and Foucault's elaboration on its implications, the study unveils an insidious evolution of power dynamics, subjugating the modern world under a metaphoric ‘all-seeing eye’. The discourse, moreover, attempts a prognosis of panopticism's future trajectory, highlighting its growing pervasiveness in the age of digital technologies and the implications for individual freedom and societal dynamics. A rich interplay of historical, philosophical, and sociological perspectives, "The Panopticon Revisited: Surveillance, Discipline, and the Modern Political Order" presents a critical analysis of the elusive nuances of power and control in the modern era, shedding light on the omnipresence of the panoptical phenomenon in our lives.


Panopticon, Surveillance, Discipline, Modern Political Order, Foucault.


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