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Call for the Next Issue

Arete Journal of Political Philosophy, which started its publication life to contribute to the expansion of the boundaries of thought by publishing interdisciplinary studies on political philosophy, is expecting your articles for its next issue (Volume:4, Issue:2). For the Journal, of which primary focus is on political philosophy, you can send the works to us via the Journal’s website until September 1, 2024, without being limited to the following topics.

Related Topic Suggestions:

• Force and Power                                                    • Politics, War and Violence

• The Notion of the State                                          • Politics and Government

• Politics and Citizenship                                           • Property and Freedom              

• Classical Political Debates                                       • Modern Political Debates

• Contemporary Political Debates                               • Politics and Psychology

• Everyday Life and Politics                                       • Ideology and Politics

• Social Movements and Politics                                 • Resistance and Politics                        

• Political Problems and Struggle Practices                  • Film Philosophy

• Gender and Politics                                                • Literature and Politics



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    Arete Journal of Political Philosophy is indexed in:

    The Philosopher's Index, EBSCO (Political Science Complete), EBSCO (Central & Eastern European Academic Source) (CEEAS), ASOS (Akademia Sosyal Bilimler İndeksi)

    Call For Next Issue

    For the next issue of the journal (Volume:4, Issue:2), you can submit your manuscripts until September 1, 2024, via the manuscript submission tab on our journal's homapage. 

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